About Us

Sailing Kalamari

"This is your story"

Sailing Kalamari is a Youtube Channel about sailing life. Actually, the the most popular one with our 54K amazing subscribers.

We are making movie-like videos about our sailing trips around Turkish coast and Greek Islands. 

Channel is created by Murat Aras, Arda Esen and Sema Şimşek in 2018.. Sevgi Oduncu joined in 2021.

We are telling about every aspect of sailing life, not only the technical details or the beauties.

Because of that, we think, people loved it.

They learned more about sailing life, they joined sailing courses, they rented boats, even they bought very nice boats and they became a member of naval family.

Our lovely followers always asked to meet us on sea and join to our tours.

Now, we are trying to be onboard with people all around the world and share the moments of sailing life with every sea lover. Also we try to share whatever we know, about sailing and our beautiful coasts. 

In our tours Captain Murat helps you to see around and feel great whole the time. Check the regular tour programs around our coasts and watch this video to see  how an entertaining tour usually occurs.